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Wherever you are in the World you can Watch Japanese TV shows on your TV, PC, Mac or IOS Device.

To view in Japanese select the Japan flag from drop down menu top right of the main menu.


100% refund if not satisfied. Conditions apply*.

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Japan TV is a product that has evolved into a high quality, stable platform. Offering plans from 29 to 99 channels, a good selection of movies and a range of Japanese favourite TV shows. Japan TV 99 channel x 12 months has become our send biggest seller. Japan TV runs directly from its supplied app. Japan TV Mini, Japan TV Basic, Japan TV Deluxe.

iSakura Pro remains our highest seller (iSakura Mini x 12 months) as it has a proven history of dependability and stability. Plans are available from 24 to 9a channels. Main focus is on TV Shows with some movies. iSakura runs on your web browser using Flash but will soon be replaced by its own app. iSakura Mini, iSakura Basic, iSakura Plus.

  • High Quality

  • Multi device log in

  • Huge number of channels

  • Reliable connections

  • Watch on TV, PC, Mac or IOS

  • Live with replay options

From only .42c per day!

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Get up and running quickly with  clearly written instructions or watch our tutorial videos. Whether you are using an Android TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick, PC, Mac or IOS we’ll have a tutorial for you.

We’ve Got You Covered

We provide direct support for all our products and usually respond in less than 24 hours depending on your global location.

We even eliminate risk with a try before you buy for a modest set up fee.

3 Day Trials of our plans – Try before you buy!

iSakura Pro Japanese TV

22nd of December 2020.  iSakura works using Flash on a web browser. After the 31st of December Flash will be replaced with another web application. Customers can continue to log in as usual as there will be no noticeable difference to the users experience.

iSakura Mini 3 day Trial

Enjoy a 3 day trial of our iSakura Mini 24 channel plan for only $2.50

iSakura Basic 3 day Trial

Enjoy a 3 day trial of our iSakura Basic 48  Channel plan for $3.00

iSakura Plus 3 day Trial

Enjoy a 3 day trial of our iSakura Plus 98 channel plan for $4.00

Customer tutorials for activating iSakura Pro can be found here | Customer support email here.

Japan TV Japanese TV

Japan TV uses its own app so it plays independent of web browsers.

Japan TV

Japan TV Mini 3 day Trial

Enjoy a 3 day trial of our Japan TV Mini 29 channel plan for only $2.00

Japan TV

Japan TV Basic 3 day Trial

Enjoy a 3 day trial of our Japan TV Basic  54 channel plan for only $3.00

Japan TV

Japan TV Deluxe 3 day Trial

Enjoy a 3 day trial of our Japan TV Deluxe 99 channel plan for only $4.00

Customer tutorials for activating Japan TV can be found here | Customer support email here.

We Make it Easy to Connect to Japanese TV

All you need to do to start viewing Japanese TV is to click on the “Get Started” button.

Once you become a regular customer just click on the “Returing Customers” button at the top of this opening page to fast track ordering.


Customer Satisfaction

My Planet TV Guarantee Image

100% Refund Guarantee

We offer our customers 100% refund if :

  • You are not satisfied with our support (please allow 24 business hours for a response).
  • The quality of content does not meet expectation (below our competitors standard).

To request your refund simply send an email stating the reason why you are not satisfied and if we are unable to resolve any issue we will credit your PayPal payment in full.

A change in plan does not qualify for a full refund. This will be determined on a pro rata basis.

Thank you so much for your patience and support. It now works so well we purchased a year plan.
Mr & Mrs U

Customers Email

I purchased Japanese T V (iSakura Pro) for my Japanese students and all of us are pleased with the range and quality of the service.
Michele J

Customer Email

I have been happy with your quick responses and the service provided that I just purchased a plan for my Mother-In-Law too!
Andrew L

Customer Email

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