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About Us

We provide Japanese speaking people living outside of Japan the means to access a broad range of Japanese TV and movies on line.

The founders of MyPlanet TV spent more than 15 years hosting Japanese students and work experience residents. In addition, more than another 15 years working with Japanese ex pats.

It was obvious that there is very little on offer in the way of TV or Movies for the Japanese living outside of Japan. Missing the language and culture  was often a daily occurrence.

MyPlanetTV feels it offers a unique blend of affordable TV/Movie plans in the Japanese language to fill this void.

We hope that you will agree with us and enjoy the products MyPlanet TV brings to you.

Japan TV Online looking at Japanese tv


Japan TV Onlineの創設者は、15年以上にわたり、日本人学生と実務経験者を受け入れてきました。 さらに、日本人の外国人と一緒に働いてさらに15年以上。

日本国外に住む日本人に提供されるものがほとんどないことは明らかでした。 言語と文化の欠如は、しばしば日常の出来事でした。

Japan TV Onlineは、この空白を埋めるために、日本語で手頃な価格のTV /映画プランのユニークなブレンドを提供していると感じています。



Micai Technology Limited

Trading as:

MyPlanet TV and Japan TV Online

148 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

We can be contacted during business hours Monday to Friday Between 8am and 8pm Hong Kong Time for support and general enquiries.

Micai Technology Ltd has a number of trading partners such as Japan TV Online, My Planet TV and Japan TV Net.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will never provide your personal information with or to anybody.

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Customer SatisfactionMyPlanet TV wants its customers to be 100% satisfied with its products and services.

We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of customer service. This statement is backed up by the many emails from our happy customers.

In the unusual event your are not happy with our products or services we are prepared to offer a money back guarantee as per the terms and conditions highlighted to you at our checkout.

In the first instance of being unhappy please contact us directly because we feel confident of addressing your concerns to a happy outcome.

Your total satisfaction ensures our business continues to grow – a win-win situation for all of us.

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Happy customers mean a great deal to us.

Thank you so much for your patience and support. It now works so well we purchased a year plan.

Mr & Mrs U

I purchased for my Japanese students and they are pleased with the range and quality of the service.

Michele J

I have been happy with your quick responses and the service provided that I just purchased a plan for my Mother-In-Law too!

Andrew L

FAQs About Us

How long have you been trading?

We have been trading as Micai Technology Ltd since 2019.

Do you trade under different names?

Yes, we trade under:My Planet TV; Japan TV Net and Japan TV Online.

Why Trade Under differenent names?

We trade under 3 names to allow us 3 different sites with different server locations. This provides good back up, ease of maintenence and experimenting with effective web pages which hopefully makes your visiting our sites easier and more enjoyable.

Are you Japanese?

We are a multicultural company with Japanese affiliations.

Are your testimonials legitimate?

Yes, they are. They are true expressions of our customers experiences with us and our products.

Is your money back guarantee for real?

Absolutely! As per the terms and contitions at our point of sale we will refund you if you are not happy with us or our products.