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To view in Japanese select the Japan flag from drop down menu top right of the main menu.



Can I view on multiple devices?

Yes, you can but not at the same time with only one license. Consider purchasing another license.

How soon can I receive my activation code?

You will receive your activation code once PayPal actions payment. This usually only takes a few minutes.

What if I don't receive my activation code in a few minutes?

Please be patient and allow up to 15 minutes. If it still hasn’t arrived and you received the sale confirmation from PayPal emails us.

I have email conformation with "Contact the merchant", what does this mean?

Something may have gone wrong in releasing the code and may need to be sent maually. Please contact us via email to fix the issue.

Which Android TV Box is suitable for your products?

We recommend any TV Box with Allwinner H3, RK3229, Hi3798 or S805 CPU with Quad core CPU is good enough for our IPTV products.

I also want to play games using the Android TV Box.

If you play games perhaps a higher spec TV Box with fixed Wifi MAC and Ethernet MAC is best.

Can your products run on the Fire TV Stick?

Yes, they can. You just need to download the app from our downloads page at the top menu.

My receipt shows Micai Technology Ltd, why?

Micai Technology Ltd is the registered company which has a number of trading as sites including this one.

Can I pay by credit card or other?

We only process through PayPal. It is convenient for our customers, fast and efficient as our 3rd party distribution company is linked to PayPal transactions providing an immediate release of receipts and activation codes to you.

I think I may have paid twice what can I do?

PayPal will only accept one transaction at a time but our shopping cart allows multiple amounts. Check your receipt from Send Owl and PayPal to cross reference. If you have ordered more simply email us for a refund.

Can I use these products in other countries?

You can use our products anywhere in the world that offers good internet service. There are only two exceptions – Japan and China. You can not use our products in these country’s.

I mainly use your product at home but can I watch elsewhere?

Yes you can. Our customers use comutting to work and when travelling for example. Remember though, only one device at a time with one license.

I forgot my password what should I do?

Send an email request to us to reset your password. If you have a preference do let us know what it is.

Can I change my password in iSakura Pro or JNexTV?

Yes you can.

Can I change my password in Japan TV?

Sorry, this is not possible. Send an email request to us to make the change.

How can I activate my product?

Please refer to the tutorials under “Tutorials and Support” in the main menu.

Japan TV – FAQs

Once activated does the activation code remain my ID?

No. Once activated your log in details will be your email and password. Please remember both to avoid inconvenience.

VOD have Chinese subtitles, can I change it?

Unfortunately no. Some videos are produced for a range of markets so Chinese or English subtitles are provided. Unfortunately we have no control over this.

I have a load channel list error, what can I do?

The load channel list error, please check the network issue happens occasionally but not always.

It is not the server issue but the internet routing issue to the server.

Usually it is fixed after a while without doing anything or after rebooting the modem/router to refresh routing.

Can I change my password in Japan TV?

Unfortunately no. If you want to change your password email us with your request.

Amazon Fire TV Stick – FAQs

I received this message "An inkown error has occurred" what can I do?

You may encounter the above error on the Fire TV 3 when attempting to download or install applications that aren’t available within the Amazon App store. The reason for this error is because permissions aren’t granted for file access upon first installing the Downloader application.

If you don’t allow for Downloader to access files on your Fire TV, there is now way for the application to download and install applications.

If you are receiving this error, refer to the following screenshot guide for a quick fix.

An unknown error has occurred Check your URL and connection Fix

Step 1 – Hover over Settings menu item on Fire TV

Step 2 – Click Applications

Step 3 – Click Manage Installed Applications

Step 4 – Click Downloader

Step 5 – Click Clear data

Step 6 – Click Clear data again

Step 7 – Click back button on remote and return to previous menu

Step 8 – Click Downloader

Step 9 – Click Launch application

Step 10 – Click Allow for Downloader to access photos, media and files on your device

Downloader will now work as intended and you will no longer receive error message

If you have problems with the above steps, another solution is to uninstall Downloader and then reinstall. You can uninstall the application by going to Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Downloader / Uninstall.

Reference: https://troypoint.com/unknown-error-occurred-check-url-connection/

How do I expand the window using my Fire TV Stick?

If you wish to expand the viewing window using the Amazon Fire Stick :

Live TV – click the channel name again.

Replay – click the TV show title again.

I am having an issue with downloading your apps, what should I do?

If you are experiencing issues with downloading our Apps for FireStick here is a video that should be helpful.

I have a media player issue, how do I fix it?

If you experience issues with media player please go to Settings and change to media player to “3rd Party Media Player”.