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You can watch Japanese TV now!

How can I watch Japanese TV?

ON YOUR TV – All you need is an Android TV Box

View iSakura Pro TV using Android TV Box. If you don’t yet have one you can purchase these from EBay or better still, order one from us with preinstalled software ready to go!

Once you have your Android TV box you can purchase your TV viewing experience from us and follow the support links to set up.

Follow installation instructions applicable to your package

We sell Android TV Boxes

For your convenience we sell Android TV boxes to compliment your internet TV viewing pleasure.

Our Android TV boxes offer excellent quality and affordability backed up by a solid global warranty. More importantly our boxes come with the apps preinstalled. They are available from our plans pages.

ON YOUR PC or MAC – Use your web broweser.

Enjoy the entertainment options offered by iSakura Pro Japanese TV.

Follow installation instructions applicable to your package.

ON YOUR IOS/ANDROID DEVICE – You just need an Account

You can view iSakura Pro Japanese TV directly from your IOS. Be sure to review our instructions first.

Follow installation instructions applicable to your package.


Use your Amazon FireStick on your TV or PC to view iSakura Pro Japanese TV. More info here.

The required Amazon Firestick is not yet available in Australia.

I like it so much I just purchased the one year plan.

Makiko B

Thank you So much for your patience and help. We just tried and it works great!

Sachiko U

My Japanese wife is so happy I purchased this for her. Thank you for making it easy for me.

John M

What is the next step?

Decide on how you wish to view Japanese TV. If you wish to view on your TV you will need an Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV Box. These are available through Amzon or Ebay. If you rather an easier solution you can purchase a good quality Android TV Box from us for $100 (including delivery) with the Apps preinstalled making set up easy. Out Android TV Boxes are on sale on each plan sale page.

Choose your plan. We recommend iSakura Pro as the overall best product for quality, reliability and price. Hosever, please review carefully to ensure your needs are met and our 3 day trial plans help in the decision making and remove any risk.


  • Purchase your preferred plan.
  • Receive your acknowledgement and activation code (usually within minutes).
  • Activate your plan.
  • Enjoy watching Japanese TV!

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