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iSakura Deluxe Plans

98 Channels

Largest selection of chanels for iSakura

To view in Japanese select the Japan flag from drop down menu top right of the main menu.


Japan TV Online offers iSakura Deluxe Plans.

Priced from only .65c per day!

iSakura Deluxe Plans offer a top of the range selection of channels for maximum viewing pleasure.

Main Features and Sample Video

  • 98 Japanese Channels for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.
  • Multiple Device capability.
  • Live + 14 Days replay.
  • High Quality.
  • You can watch on PC and Mac after setting up password.
  • Web URL:   http://webtv.jptvpro.net/  (IE is not supported)
  • WebTV can not be accessed from Japan or China

iSakura Deluxe Plan TV Guide

iSakura Deluxe Plan TV guide

iSakura Deluxe Plans

iSakura Pro – Deluxe Plans

*Can use on multiple devices but not at the same time with one license.