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JNexTV Standard Plans

67 Channels

Affordable, quality Japanese TV

To view in Japanese select the Japan flag from drop down menu top right of the main menu.


JNexTV Has Arrived

  • 4 weeks replay
  • Majority FHD 1080p resolution (except a few SD original channels)
    Personal Save Function on our cloud server (online viewing even after 4 weeks on any devices as long as the same account ID)
  • Download function on PC/Mac (Offline viewing available on the same device through the app only)
  • Time-shift function for 2 hours on Live TV. (Can watch Live from the beginning without waiting for recordings)
  • System language selection English/Japanese
  • Play Optimisation

Please note. JnexTV does not offer an app for watching on IOS at this stage.

Please note that this product is NOT available in Japan and China or the Netherlands.

NHK Channels may not be available to new customers due to a request to exclude them until an agreement is reached with NHK related companies. The provider is working as quickly as possible to reach an agreement. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Rising Sun TV offers JNexTV Standard Plans.

Priced from only .49c per day!

JNexTV Standard Plans offer good value  to watching high quality Japanese TV.

Main Features and Sample Video

JNexTV Basic Channel Guide

JNexTV – Standard Plans

*Can use on multiple devices but not at the same time with one license.

Sorry, there is no Web-Based version at this time.