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JnexTV Installations and Renewal Tutorials

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How to activate Your Code

Thank you for purchasing JNexTV, the next generation of Japanese TV.

We trust you will find installation and activation as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Please follow the directions below and you will be enjoying JNexTV in next to no time.

If you experience any issues please email us and include screenshots if possible to make providing the solution as quick as possible.

We hope you will enjoy the new higher resolution JnexTV as much as we do.

You will require an app for Android, PC and Mac.

Download the app for your device here.

This will take you to our downloads page where you choose the app for your device.

Once downloaded you will need to execute the app on your device. Usually by double clicking on it.

Mac users may have to authorise this app in their security preferences.

Once the app is extracted to your device simple click on it to open the activate / login page.

First time users be sure you in the Sign Up section and fill in:

  • The activation code sent by us.
  • Enter your chosen password and then confirm that password.
  • That’s it, enjoy watching JnexTV!

When you launch the app on your device you should see this screenshot.

1. Enter your new activation code (that came from us)

2. Enter a password chosen by you. We recommend using a password generator for added security.

3. Enter the same password again.

4. Click on create account.

That’s all there is to it. Every time you want to watch JnexTV you just launch the app.

Sorry, there is no Web-Based version at this time.

How to Renew your Account

Activate your main menu.

Click on “VIP’ icon bottom left of main menu.

You will be take to the renewl page.

Purchase your next subscription from us at

Receive your new activation code from us

Click on fill code

Go to the next page

Fill in the new activation code from us

Click on OK

That’s it, you have now been updated for the number of days/months you have purchased

If you renew before expiry, which we recommend, the extra days will be credited to your account and will show in your details from the main menu.

Thank you for your continued support.

How to Use the JnexTV Control Panel

How to Down Load Programs to Watch Later