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Here you can find all applications (apps) for our products.

  • iSakura doesn’t require an app for PC. Mac or IOS – only for Android (including Amazon Fire TV Stick).
  • Japan TV requires apps for all devices and below are the Japan TV apps for Android (including Fire TV Stick and PC), Windows 64, Windows 32 and Mac.

iSakura Pro Apps

iSakura App for Android

iSakura V15-Android

iSakura App placeholder


iSakura App placeholder 2


Japan TV Apps

Japan TV App for Android

Japan TV – Android

Japan TV App for Mac

Japan TV – Mac

Japan TV App for Windows 64

Japan TV – Win 64

Japan TV App for Windows 32

Japan TV – Win 32

Japan TV App Placeholder


Japan TV App Placeholder


FAQs Downloads

There is only one app for iSakura Pro, is this correct?

The iSakura Pro App is only needed for Android devices including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Watching on Mac and PC via your web browser will run an app in the background.

Why have placeholders for iSakura Pro?

Initially the developers were uncertain how to replace the Flash Plugin but have now developed software working in the background of your web browser. Should this change additional apps will be developed and supplied.

Is there a difference between the Android App and Windows for Japan TV?

Yes so please be careful to ensure you download the correct app to suit you device. Also, be aware of the difference between Windows 32 and 64.

Which Japan TV app is suitable for the Fire TV Stick?

Please choose Japan TV – Android for your Fire TV Stick.